We are pleased to build sites for public, private and third sector customers who seek to build an online presence around their customers.


This project started as a result of the North Bournemouth Crime Prevention Panel (NBCPP) listening to the community, who constantly reported that it was difficult to easily access information on how to resolve frequent issues that were affecting the quality of life for local people.

There are a number of statutory and voluntary organisation websites, but to find a solution one needs to understand which agency to go, what department and who to contact before finding out whether they can indeed help.  As a result, the NBCPP heard that many people just gave up looking online for solutions, that they felt unable to resolve issues affecting their lives, losing trust and confidence in the very organisations that were there to help and protect them.

In addition, the organisations themselves were experiencing significant levels of failure demand when people contacted them and they were either ringing the wrong department, did not have the right information available to enable them to deal with the issue, or had misconceptions about what could be done and how matters could be resolved.

Introducing mysaferbournemouth.com. We worked with our customers, the police, local authorities, voluntary groups and charities to develop a site with clean and clear imagery that directed people through to the right information with the right level of support depending on the issue they are experiencing. Every quarter the website is updated based on advice from the very community it is there to help, where the top 12 issues at that time are covered.

On clicking through to the issue, each one has a set of six answers that enables the viewer to get clear and accurate information about how to resolve their problem:

  • Who do I contact to resolve this issue?
  • What information do they need in order to effectively deal with this issue?
  • Once they have received my information what will they do?
  • How will I know they have resolved the issue?
  • What can I do if I am not happy with the outcome?
  • What can I do myself to help reduce the risk of the issue affecting me?

Follow this link to view the website. 

PH Pneumatics Ltd

An established, respected company providing a solid engineering approach and supported by 24/7 customer support is how PH Pneumatics Ltd have built their business. They ensure their customers’ equipment is reliable, supported, serviced and compliant. We were asked to build their new website taking their customer focussed ethos through to their website. The customer journey dictated the design and wording for the site.

Visit the website www.phpneumatics.co.uk


We were approached by a local artist to create an online presence to promote her watercolours and etchings from the New Forest to a global audience. The site was not only created to highlight the artist’s work but to also provide a resource for galleries throughout the UK and worldwide to access availability, pricing and samples.

The development of the site started with the customer journey, which was providing a showcase for the work and ensuring that the site provided the pedigree of the artist.  The site further provided a link to further information about the New Forest National Park, which provides inspiration for her creative work. Jo exhibits at galleries around the world and the website provides a secure area for dealers to log in and view current price lists and availability.

Follow this link to view the website. 


We have created a website for our own consultancy business to evidence our pedigree, capabilities and competencies in delivering business improvement.  There are a number of consultancy companies out there, but we wanted to provide a site that provided information about what we do and how we do it but also showcase the various projects and initiatives that our staff have been involved with over the years.

Follow this link to view the website.