Our parent company, OMNIsector, provides business support services, interim management and consultancy services that enable businesses to grow, build and maintain a customer base and use that customer base to drive new business. Part of our consultancy work is to review an organisation’s online presence, and through this we so often find that the domain names, the hosting and the website itself has been set up by third-party.

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OMNIsector’s approach

We have found that the approach of many web design companies is that they create websites using the words and the images that you have provided.  But when they set up your website up did you map your customer journey? Did you identify your customers’ needs and expectations?  Did you clearly set out your offering, your underlying magic and what separates you from your competition?  We are not merely web designers:  we are people who work alongside our customers to understand their business and to design a website to ensure that those messages are reflected online.

Fast information

In today’s world a significant number of people view websites on mobile phones and tablets. We are in a “want it now” culture, where people will quickly form an opinion about you, your business and your offering. It is therefore our aim to ensure that your organisation will stand out from your competition and to help you to develop a web strategy that is constantly in touch with your customers, their needs and expectations and is able to grow your business, your brand and your reputation online.

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